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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the procedure of regrowing hair benefiting from original follicles of a person who has lost her/ his hair. Hair follicles are extracted from the back of ears, the area of which is resistant to hair shedding, and they are transplanted to the hairless area. Hair regrows because the original hair follicles are used, could be cut and dyed.

Today, hair transplantation could be performed with different methods. Hair transplantation having started at the 1940’s have been applied commonly until now by having gone through many phases and having been improved.

Methods upgraded in each era against hair shedding humanity encounters due to genetic reasons or other reasons are continually improved by various doctors. This improvement includes shortening of application period, decreasing of risk factor and betterment of results gained after the hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation isn’t performed only due to hair shedding. Hair transplantation is applied to hairless areas arising due to loss of hair and tissue depending on any kind of accident and burnt.

There are golden rules so that the hair transplantation practice yields the most efficient results;

  • Hair transplantation should be practiced at a hospital and the operating room conditions should be constituted.
  • Maintenance principles recommended by the doctor should be complied with before and after the practice.
  • After the patient has gone through necessary tests, conditions to pose risk factors should be eliminated.
  • All rules to be regarded by the doctor informed of all information on hair transplantation techniques should be complied with smoothly.

The people having trouble with their hair on earth are too numerous to be counted. For these people, there are many solutions both in alternative medicine and in modern medicine. Treatment types such as chemical or natural drugs, some nutrition recommendations are some of these solutions. The most permanent method among these is the hair transplantation procedure.

Today, the hair transplantation went beyond being tormenting and became an often preferred treatment method. The biggest factor leading to that is the “FUE Method” which began to be applied and to be popular at the beginning of 2000’s. In this method, no skin line is extracted from the nape of the neck in contrary to the FUT Method, but hair follicles are extracted one by one. These extracted hair follicles are put in a special liquid at a special temperature and placed in the area of hair transplantation. In FUE method, bleeding and permanent marks don’t occur in contrary to other methods. And this is the advantage of this method. Hair transplantation experts recommend FUE method instead of FUT method.

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