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Breast Implant Sizing

You have a size for almost everything. A shoe size, a pant size, and yes—a breast size. While you can probably sneak your way into something a little off-size if you really want to (like those purple suede boots that you just can’t live without), things will always look a little wrong if the fit doesn’t match. Same with ill-fitting breast augmentation; a little too far in one direction, and you won’t get the natural look you want.

Choosing The Right Size

The biggest mistake people make with breast augmentation is being off-size, which usually means going too big. The second mistake is failing to tailor the implant, meaning not getting the implant pocket to sit just right. If either of these things happen, you get what you would expect: an obvious “boob job” effect. Anyone can put an implant in the breast, but it takes an experienced surgeon with a true understanding of the augmentation procedure to know how to hit a home run.

Yes, It’s Your Body—But Trust Your Doctor

The first potential misstep is having the patient choose their own implant size, rather than be guided by a professional. Just like most women are wearing the wrong size bra, most women would choose the wrong size implant. Take-home implant kits are wonderful for practicing with your new size, but it should not be a free-for-all. If you take a random implant off the shelf, the chance that it’s the right one for you is very slim. Your breast augmentation consultation should be a fitting, where the surgeon assesses your breast width, tissue quality, elasticity, and amount of breast tissue, to figure out what size and shape would work best. By the end of your consultation, you should understand why you have a specific size, and what that size is. Depending on your height and frame, this may be very different than you originally thought.

The Ideal Implant Pocket

The second potential pitfall is failing to create the right implant pocket, the space that the implant will sit in. Breast implants are designed to sit on their flat surface and spread out just the right way. Bunching or crimping will prevent a smooth shape, which can happen if the pocket is too small. On the other hand, a big pocket will allow the implant to float around, which usually means drifting up to the collarbones, and riding too high for its own good.